On Thursday the 5th of October 2017, The Teacher a.k.a. The Blastmaster a.k.a. The Philosopher a.k.a. KRS-ONE, a living legend of Hip Hop culture will be performing live in Amsterdam. Of course, everyone knows ‘Sound Of The Police’, but experts know that Lawrence Krishna Parker dropped other classics such as, ‘MC’s Act Like They Know’, ‘Mortal Thought’, ‘Step Into A World’ (Rapture’s Delight), ‘Just Like That’, and more.

KRS-One continued touring and releasing albums throughout the years. He also remains faithful to the content of his lyrics,  beats and Political statements while spitting over old-school boom-bap beats. Performing live, KRS- ONE never disappoints, his shows are full of energy,  and like a true MC, he knows how to control the crowd.

Check him out on the 5th of October, 2017.

Location: Q-factory Amsterdam
Tickets: € 25,00
Date: 5 Oct. 2017
Open: 19:30 hours
Start: 20:00 hours


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