Smoelwerk, 1999-2009, an overview of 10 years of hip-hop in the Netherlands.
A 400-page reference book with a CD and DVD for a total overview in text, image and sound.
The book features background articles, interviews, artist profiles and more than 250 unique photos in the field of rap, turntablism, breakdance, graffiti, media and parties. Supplemented with a selection of the best articles published in recent years by An indispensable document for the true lover of Hip Hop culture. For the Smoelwerk CD,  the most prominent artists of the last decade delivered tracks: Raymzter, U-Niq, Def P, Pete Philly, Extince, Jiggy Djé, SpaceKees & Terilekst, and Fakkelbrigade. An asset for every lover of Hip Hop culture.

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