Beat Street – Movie

As part of the first wave of Hip Hop-focused films to receive a larger release, Beat Street helped Hip Hop introduce the masses to each of its 4 main elements. Using the birthplace of Hip Hop as the primary setting, the Bronx!! the film follows a group of friends whose talents include the 4 main elements of Hip Hop culture, Graffiti, DJing, MCing and B-Boying.

Hip Hop and film have been linked for over 30 years. Before Hip Hop culture became popular, a collection of films helped spread word of its core elements to a larger audience. As Hip Hop gained popularity, these films were produced more frequently, eventually becoming staples which served as another creative outlet for record labels and individual artists. Some artists stayed within traditional “rap movie” territory, while others branched out, looking to grow by accepting more diverse roles. Also check these out,  Krush Groove and Wild Style.

To define a “rap movie,” one must consider the role that Hip Hop as a culture plays in the film.

Check out the trailer!!

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