The Notorious IBE 2018

Check outĀ The Notorious IBE on 10-12 August 2018 in Heerlen.

The Notorious IBE is an international Hiphop and Urban dance festival in Heerlen, The Netherlands. Between 1998 and 2005 the festival took place at Nighttown in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 2008 the festival moved to the city of Heerlen in the southern province of Limburg (Netherlands).

The Notorious IBE is catering to both insiders and outsiders of the culture and offering the visitors a unique blend of music, dance and cultural programs.

The result is a long weekend of 50-60 programs varying from music performances, dance battles, dance shows, workshops, talkshows, film, photography and art. In recent years the number of typical festival facilities such as a culture market, creative space and a festival food court has been growing. Making the IBE a unique event in the worldwide Hip Hop and urban dance world.

Experience a festival full of Music, Dance and Hip Hop Culture.

Check it out!!



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