CultLifeCom Events (Culture, Lifestyle and Community Events) is a platform that allows brands or organisations that are driven by their culture, lifestyle, or their communities, to collaborate. Working together with people from another Culture, with another Lifestyle, or amidst a different Community, can create different opportunities and the results can be astounding.

Its first project is with two brands that are Amsterdam based. SIS (Soul Inspired Store) is an interior lifestyle brand which specializes in sustainable handmade products. And Four Pillarz Clothing Company, a Hip Hop lifestyle brand, inspired by the four main elements of Hip Hop culture. The mission is to make the past, present and the future of Hip Hop come together, and to change the perception of the culture through clothing. Four Pillarz is here to preserve, represent and promote Hip Hop culture to the fullest!

Partnerships between brands or organisations consists not only of physical products, but more importantly, giving each other support, advise, and sharing ideas or activities. The first time SIS and Four Pillarz worked together, it succesfully resulted in a t-shirt!

SIS x FOUR PILLARZ “vintage” blckgld Tee

Now the owner of SIS has her own creative products. Her handmade macrame planthangers blend in nice with your interior and create a special effect in your room. Also, you can make the most of a tiny space by hanging plants in your house. Check out her macrame keychains, plantcoasters, vintage macrame lamps and more on or sisamsterdam on instagram.

On June 1st, 2019, SIS was present at The Big Indoor Market, keep an eye out for future events!


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