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Grandmaster Caz is a pioneering legend of Hip Hop culture who can genuinely be credited as one of the inventors of rap. Caz is perhaps best known as the writer of Big Bang Hank’s rhyme in Rappers Delight. The lyrics were stolen from him and he has never been credited or paid a dollar for writing the words to possibly the most famous rap record ever. Caz went on to form the legendary Coldcrush Brothers whose party rocking style would greatly influence many of rap’s commercial breakthrough artists.

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In 2012 Caz became the unexpected star of Ice-T’s seminal rap movie Something From Nothing : The Art Of Rap. In the movie Caz receives props from many of the cast, including Ice-T, Rev Run, Rakim and Eminem, who sight him as one of the godfathers of Rap. As a result of the movie Caz’s career is enjoying a significant renaissance. Notable for his extraordinary penmanship Caz’s favorite rhymes and his take on why he penned it, are reproduced from his notebooks and published for the first time in this Limited Edition book.

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