Rhythm and Flow – Series

Rappers Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and Tip ‘T.I.’ Harris are searching for hip-hop’s best, undiscovered talent from Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. Who will scrap their way to the top for a shot at the shine?”

If you’re into hip-hop, you must watch Rhythem and Flow, It’s as simple as that. Netflix new hip-hop talent competition reality show is pure catnip for hip-hop heads. To the relatable conversations the would-be superstars have (you’ve definitely debated who the greatest rappers are with your friends, and you will shout at the TV when they do), Rhythm + Flow is an impeccably constructed, refreshingly unsanitized contribution to Hip Hop culture. Are you not as plugged into hip-hop? Watch anyway. You’ll still find something to flow with.

Check it out on netflix!

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