Sneakerness Rotterdam 2019 – Convention

On the 30th of November 2019 and the 1st of December 2019, Rotterdam is hosting Sneakerness, the go to European sneaker convention.

Sneakerness brings together shoe fanatics who celebrate their passion. A unique mix of the world’s leading brands and shops offer more than a just a glimpse into the culture of sneakers. Discover exclusive prototypes, bargain for rare samples or get inspired by amazing vintage designs. Trade for childhood memories, meet your first true love again and see that one fantasy of a shoe you’ve been chasing down all these years materialize in front of your eyes… Or just drop by to see what the fuss is all about. And maybe you’ll realize rather sooner than later: You might have been a sneakerhead yourself all the time.


Think great architecture, an immense harbor, a wild (street) art scene, amazing places for music, plus an innovative sneaker community, and you get the second largest city of the Netherlands: Rotterdam. The city’s cultural richness is minted by its dramatic history: During World War II Rotterdam got bombarded, but its diverse inhabitants have been reconstructing and reshaping the city in many ways ever since.

Thus, Rotterdam is a fascinating must-see to us – and they are thrilled to bring their convention to the Dutch city’s cultural landscape. Be prepared to discover international brands, extraordinary sneaker stores, and some of the most exquisite private sellers and collectors from all over the place at this year’s Sneakerness Rotterdam. Check it out!!


Presale: SAT € 13.– / SUN € 11.– / 2-Days € 15.– / Priority € 50.–
Box office: SAT € 15.– / SUN € 12.–


SAT 12.00–18.00
SUN 12.00–18.00
Priority access on SAT 11.00


RDM-straat 1, 3089 JS Rotterdam

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