Rotterdam Street Culture Weekend – Festival

Rotterdam is filled with talents and grass roots initiatives in the field of street art, hip hop and street sports. During the Rotterdam Street Culture Weekend (RSCW) these talents get the opportunity to show the city of Rotterdam, and the world who they are. Visitors can experience what contemporary street culture is, and are given the opportunity to participate themselves.

With this, RSCW has been bringing a new perspective to the Rotterdam event sector since 2018. The second edition in September 2019 was a smashing success with more than 32,000 visitors!

On September 11, 12 and 13, 2020 RSCW will be back with a third edition full of street art, hip hop and street sports. Obviously “corona proof”, so entirely in accordance with the measures in force at that time as a result of the corona virus.

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Warm up with the 2019 aftermovie.

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