We are extremely happy that the Sneakerness Amsterdam event will take place on 11 & 12 September 2021 at the beautiful Kromhouthal. 

Tickets purchased for Sneakerness Amsterdam 2020 will stay valid for Sneakerness Amsterdam 2021. 

Sneakerness brings together shoe fanatics who celebrate their passion. A unique mix of the world’s leading brands and shops offer more than a just a glimpse into the culture of sneakers. Discover exclusive prototypes, bargain for rare samples or get inspired by amazing vintage designs. Trade for childhood memories, meet your first true love again and see that one fantasy of a shoe you’ve been chasing down all these years materialize in front of your eyes… Or just drop by to see what the fuss is all about. And maybe you’ll realize rather sooner than later: You might have been a sneakerhead yourself the whole time!

Sneakerness provides a perfect point of access to today’s sneaker market and the trends of tomorrow. The world’s leading brands present their upcoming sneaker collections, special editions and rarities just before they hit the market. Get an insight about what’s hot, how trends are changing and which brand comes up with a new pair of kicks that everybody will talk about tomorrow. Whether it’s the new shop in town with a fresh collection of brands or your trusted local sneaker dealer – if they know what’s what, they are most probably here.

Check it out!

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