Breakin’ Convention Amsterdam – Event

Breakin' Convention, the groundbreaking hip-hop festival from London, is coming to the Netherlands for the first time on Sunday the 31st of October 2021! Count on breathtaking and inspiring performances by internationally acclaimed poppers, lockers, b-boys and b-girls at a festival that also offers a stage for local talent. 

Curated and hosted by British hip-hop theater legend and artistic director of Breakin' Convention, Jonzi D, the festival takes over the Meervaart with DJs, workshops and freestyle sessions. Join this ultimate celebration of Hip-Hop culture!

14:00-15:00: Register battle
14:00-15:00: Jam with DJ Lucas Benjamin

15:00-17:00: Breakin' Convention in the Red Hall
Soweto Skeleton Movers (ZA)
Amenti Theater Company (NL)
Joseph Toonga (UK)
Wennah (NL)
Kinetic Art (JP)
Justin de Jager (NL)

AFTERPARTY: Breaking Special by Amsterdam Breaking Community X Break A Leg —>

Seven2Smoke Breaking Battle (all ages)

DJ Lucas Benjamin | MC T-Bone| Jury: Dietrich 'Dietje' Pott, Bo van Hoorn & Raymond den Uijl | Prize money: 200 euros

More info about the battle can be found at 

Organized by Meervaart, Breakin' Convention and Break A Leg

Other program:

Four Pillarz Clothing Company

Steven Blanco Art

Meer en Vaart 300, 1068 LE Amsterdam

* To visit this event, a corona ticket is required for everyone over 13 years old. In advance, you will be asked to show proof of vaccination, recent recovery from COVID-19 or a negative corona test (QR code), along with a valid ID.

Check out the after movie HERE!

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