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Amby Cheneylise is a multidisciplinary artist who translates personal experiences and processes into Rhythm, Art & Poetry!

A mix of old school boombap and funky neo soul sounds.

The themes of her stories range from personal earthly experiences to deep astral journeys and spiritual processes.

From a young age Amby Cheneylise (Amberley Bernabela) started writing stories, texts and poems about her adventures, emotions and visions. This is accompanied by sketches, paintings and crafts about her dreams and future plans. Creativity has always worked as a therapy form and outlet. After trying out various disciplines, she came to the conclusion that MC-ing appealed to her the most. From 2016 she started making music more actively and founded the platform Connect The Dots Movement together with Yao in 2018. This became a platform where she could also grow as an artist. Check for more info!

Her content deals with personal growth, in an environment of poverty, violence, inequality and different cultures. She describes how music and creativity hade a major contribution to her development as a human being and finding herself after an episode of depression. She wants to inspire other women to live from their strength and passion. 

On the other hand, her rhymes are about deep spiritual processes, and contact with ancestors. With her music, Amby wants to tell the story of her indigenous roots, the Kalinya tribe in South America and the great genocide of the First Nations that is still going on today. 

In addition to MC-ing, she is a visual artist, production manager, marketer and numerologist. She likes to organize events with social purposes. Providing a platform for a message that can inspire, or make others think. 

Raising Global Consciousness through Rhythm, Art, Poetry & Community work


Storyteller MC Amby Cheneylise takes you on a journey through her personal life with her brand new debut album “Binnenreis”: from living in a deprived neighborhood with inequality of opportunity, poverty and personal trauma, to being a full-time independent social entrepreneur and community builder. The release of her solo project took place on the 22nd of April 2023 and can now be streamed on all platforms.

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